10 Best Life Insurance Plan that You Can Get

There are those who think that insurance is important, and for those kind of people, I have with me an article that details the 10 best life insurance plan that you can apply for.
#Haven Life Insurance’s very own
Many people in the United States told me that Haven Life Insurance is probably the best insurance company and the best when it comes to giving insurance plans. Why? It is only because Haven Life is a new company that manages to storm the market with good products. While the products being offered are no different than your ordinary insurance companies, there is something that Haven Life offers and that something is easiness and accessibility. Other companies require you to conduct a direct meeting with the insurance provider for you to sign that contract. Haven Life, however, allows you to buy their products online.

What does this mean? This means that Haven Life cares for the accessibility of their customers and they try to lessen the steps that customers need to go through before they can access their products. This, of course, is the reason why Haven Life is one of the best insurance company out there.

#Massmutual’s is also a good plan
Massmutual is the second best insurance company the American got, and you can say that they are an old dog that can still learn some tricks. While they are 160 age old, they can still compete with the younger companies, meaning that they have a level of discipline and dedication that not many young insurance companies have. They also work together with Haven Life, so there is that.

#Banner Life is the best when it comes to life insurance planning
When it comes to long-term life insurance plans, Banner Life could not get anymore right. Some companies can give issue an instant money when something comes haunting your life, something that Banner Life cannot give. What Banner Life can give, though, is a low price. While you may not get issued on the instant your life is threatened, you will save money on the long term with Banner Life.

#Protective’s can be good as well
Protective is a long time player in the life insurance world, but they are not that famous thanks to the light that the three insurance companies above radiate. Sure it is a century old, but somehow Haven Life beats it to the ground. What Protective does right is the policy on permanent insurance. They also got the best universal insurance plan whatsoever, so they got it going for them.

#Prudential Life Insurance Company
Of course all of the people know what Prudential is. This name is one of the longest standing insurance company in the world, and with the many experiences they got, it is only right if they got listed in this article. They got lots of products, but they are lacking a bit in the whole life product, which can be a turn off for some people. They are also the best when it comes to serving a smoking client.

#American General’s plan is an alternative
American General is often shortened to AIG, so I will be calling it AIG from this moment. AIG has a strong presence in the insurance world, and they got lots of products on their portfolio. They are high in variety in that it can confuse some people. For people who do not understand how insurance policies work, you are better off skipping this company. If you do understand, however, do go with this one.

#Principal Life’s products
Examinations are always something that many clients do not like when it comes to insurances. Principal Life manages to bring customers in thanks to their no exam policy. Sure it is not the best or the first class in everything, but their no exam policy can be a good thing for people who cannot be bothered to wait. They can get too expensive though, so be prepared to splurge some cash.

#Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company can be a good provider as well
But only if you like static policies that never change. Northwestern is a good insurance company with good policies and experienced staffs, but one of their problems is a lack of innovation. This kind of makes them bad when compared to the other companies. You need to meet company agents to conduct any sorts of agreements, which is kind of old school. This does not mean they are bad though, just old-styled.

This is the largest insurance company in North America, but they are so exclusive with their products that it can get pretty hard to apply for them. If you manage to get accepted though, you will be presented with lots of products. People with disabilities and special needs can go to this company as well.

#TRANSAMERICA Life Insurance’s might be for you if there is no other alternative
Old and far-reaching, this insurance company is not the best when it comes to giving life insurance plans. However, they are still a good competitor in the market, and if you have no other choice, you can depend on their experience and the old policies for your plans. Be mindful that all old insurance companies set a high price for their products. Not the best when it comes to the 10 best life insurance plan, but still a viable choice.

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