The Best 10 Asset Management Software 2018

The Best 10 Asset Management Software 2018

This article will discuss the Best 10 Asset Management Software 2018 to help various facets of your business or organization. Any business entities or organizations with physical assets have the need to categorize, manage and track their assets. As recently as a decade ago, these processes were largely handled through manual inventory and spreadsheets to update any changes.

Fortunately, things have changed for the better since the spreadsheet days. Modern asset management systems are now available to ensure the efficiency of business operations. Not only that, they are also capable of solving any problems that go beyond IT support. Here, we have compiled 10 of the best asset management software along with our unbiased reviews.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer

Available in 29 languages, ManageEngine AssetExplorer is one of the most affordable, full-featured solutions on the market. A perfect choice for global companies needing a reliable cloud-hosted management system to manage all types of assets. Features of this browser-based, cloud-based software include, relationship mapping, support for virtual-based asset, networked and non-networked asset support, remote control tools, and networked and non-networked asset tracker.

MMSoft Pulseway

MMSoft Pulseway offers a great asset management service with full-featured mobile capabilities and infrastructure. While it may not have complete features and its SNMP support is a challenge to figure out, MMSoft Pulseway still one of the options that does incredible job for wide range of applications a business may possibly need. Comes with easy-to-use, but powerful mobile client, intuitive UX, two-factor authentication, easy connection to cloud and virtual infrastructure, making it one of our Best 10 Asset Management Software 2018 picks.

Asset Panda

This excellent asset management software makes it to the list for its full-features despite its affordable price tag. Business entities looking for a reliable cloud-based software to manage their fixed assets will benefit from its unlimited users, tech support and universal training. Not only that, Asset Panda also offers flexibility with it customizability and easy configuration. Other features include free applications with barcode scanning for both iOS and Android machine, custom fields, voice recordings, videos and images with customizable CVS and integrated field mapping.

GoCodes Review

This easy-to-use software comes with an affordable price which may become one of the factors that make them attractive. However, its affordability does not make them any less reliable. Comes with QR code stickers to place on any assets you would like to geolocate and track, this software is incredibly useful. Business can easily scan the QR codes and locate them via mobile devices.

LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite

LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite quickly becomes a popular choice for its ability to deliver a wide array of bundled reporting. Not only that, it also provides custom reporting for businesses as well. Despite being complicated and lacking a cloud-hosted deployment option, LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite offers user friendly interface and various tech support options. It also offer software licensing management as well as Desktop and Mobile Workspaces.

SolarWinds Web Help Desk

If you are looking for a help desk with asset management features, you may be wary of the size of this software. SolarWinds Web Help Desk, however, offers an impressive yet lightweight combination of both capabilities! Despite the fact that it lacks a few features that many large organizations need, the software make it up with easy set up and configuration. History and text scheduling reports are among the best features it offers.


This cloud hosted asset management software is very functional and versatile. From the feature perspective, this is undoubtedly a good enough reason to convince business entities and organizations to use their software. The features include cloud hosting, tracking incidents, users with asset, depreciation, and a wide range of support options as well. Despite its rather complex user interface, ServiceNow is very reliable to say the least. More so when you mention attractive reports and customizable options!


SysAid is an Asset management software that offers an wide range of network detection features for business entities and organizations. It comes with incredibly detailed changelog, full features, and the best yet, it’s highly configurable. SysAid also provides flexibility in terms of pricing, making it possible for organizations of all sizes to choose the package that fits them the most. Other features include, LDAP help desk integration, network detection, great asset visualization, and HTML5 mobile browser client.

BMC Track-It!

This software is one of the best asset management software solutions on the market. Not only offers a complete help desk, BMC Track-It! also offers configurable modules and remarkable asset management. A perfect choice for business entities using Windows, and those working on setup with vendor or consultant. With Network Detection, LDAP integration, Mobile application, Customizable views, and Software license, BMC Track-It! also provides free chat support for better experience.

InvGate Assets

InvGate Assets is one of our picks due to its solid features that cover both software and hardware. Despite its relatively rough user interface and complicated reporting, the software offers more than meets the eye. Easy navigation and configuration are two of the most obvious factors that make it attractive. But not only that, InvGate Assets also provides the capability of tracking inventory with Advanced Reports features, Change Management, License Management, Remote Desktop, Software Metering, and more. Making it one of the Best 10 Asset Management Software 2018 on our list.

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